Roy Mustang (mustang_roy) wrote,
Roy Mustang

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I don't feel like writing this.

An online journal; oh what a brilliant idea it is. Sarcasm intended. I don't have the time to be noting down my daily events, surely there are things more important to be done. Like trying to find the right material for the mini skirts I plan to have mandatory for all female staff in the future. You see, for a while I had blue lycra in mind... But, because of some nutjob work therapist, these diares or what have you will be part of our performance review -- as if the tower of unfilled paperwork wasn't bad enough, thank you very much.

Whether they read this or not, I could care less. This is a stupid idea.

Alright, let's see if I can put together some sort of logical entry for today's happenings.

March 22, 17:05. Today, I fed bread crumbs to a pigeon.

There. I'm done. Now, I'm off to feed my stomach before it implodes on me.
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